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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 26, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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and right now at 11:00, concern over measles grows in the south bay. two big box stores exposed to the contagious disease. and now a restaurant in a popular mall as well. good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. health officials say the infected person may have infected or exposed hundreds of people as he or she wandered around big box stores and restaurants during the most contagious stage of the disease. >> nannette miranda joins us live. you found another location where this person may have gone. >> reporter: that's right. you can walk around for up to four days without knowing you have the measles before you
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actually break out in the signature bumps of the measles. the health officer here said that not only did this infected person walk around a walmart and a costco but also a very popular restaurant the day after. and the time and day of concern is monday january 19th at a dave and busters restaurant at the great mall in milpedas between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and then the day before that on sunday, january 18th at the gilroy costco and walmart between the hours after 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. the santa clara department of health says hundreds of restaurant goers and shoppers may have been exposed to measles. this is the second case of the illness for the county since the outbreak that was linked to disney land. fliers in the stores and perhaps the restaurants are alerting people, and some people expressed their concern to me.
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and maybe they do have a cause for concern because it appears that in this case and the one prior p both adults who separately came down with the measles did have their shots. >> the second case also most likely was vaccinated. so this is the rare instance in which someone is vaccinated and develops measles in spite of that. >> reporter: it also appears that in both cases, the santa clara cases, both have no links to disney land. as we are seeing in the latest costco and walmart case just casual contact with somebody who has it can bring on the disease because measles can linger in the air for about an hour. now, despite having those cases, those two cases can here in santa clara county those people having their shots, the recommendation from medical experts is to still get
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vaccinated. live in san jose nbc bay area news. >> before you go and if it's in your notes if you can give the dates and locations one more time. it was last sunday and last monday, right? >> reporter: that's correct. so the investigators here need a few days to kind of trace back this person's steps. so we're talking about -- let's go first sunday. it was january 18th at the gilroy walmart and costco between the hours of 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. then the latest one, we just found out, is the restaurant dave and busters at the great mall. the good thing about this as the health officer here told me s that with the dave and busters restaurant, this person walked into the main entrance of the restaurant before eating dinner there instead of going through the whole mall before getting there. so at least just a little bit of exposure there rather than the entire mall. so just that dave and busters
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restaurant. >> nannette thank you. well nearly 80 people have already been sickened because of this measles outbreak which originated last month at disney land. in the bay area there are confirmed cases in santa clara county, also in san mateo and alameda county. on friday, a santa monica baseball coach was diagnosed with measles. all of the students on his team were vaccinated. and csu channel islands is urging everyone on campus to get vaccinated because a student there also came down with measles. now to more breaking news where crews are battling a structure fire in san bruno. here's a look live from our helicopter helicopter. this is forest lane and green avenue just off interstate 380 near sfo. no word on any injuries or extent of damage but you can see a lot of white smoke. that means they've got the fire mostly out. we'll be keeping an eye on this situation, update you if any information comes in. it was quite a scare for dozens of people early this
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morning who were awoken by the sound of pounding on their doors and helicopters overhead. around 3:30 this morning fire broke out near fassler avenue and terra nova boulevard. more than 60 firefighters responded at the height of the fire, which was being fanned by strong winds. we spoke with a woman whose house was one of the closest to the fire. she described the helpless feeling of watching the flames creep toward her home. >> my husband and our neighbors just started getting their water hose and started out here. then we realized that tree was starting to go up. then the fire department came and looked at our view and started sending crews down below. but as you can hear, they're cutting through because they can't get in. >> firefighters describe the challenge as three fold. they say strong winds coupled with the steep terrain and dense fuel. the north county fire officials say crews will be out for the entire day to make sure there are no hot spots.
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turning now to our microclimate forecast. give you a live look outside at san jose. meteorologist christina loren. you say a weather pattern change is on the way. >> yeah whether we like it or not. i think some people are sick of the 70s. we want our winter back right? i know i was down at beach. who are we fooling? we need the rain. we've got some on the way. good news is we're going to see a lot better humidity recoveries as we head through the next couple days. here's a live look. this is the past four hours in pacifica. now live. you can see those clouds have really increased over the past few hours. what's happening is we've got this subtropical moisture surging up from the south, but here's the deal. as it makes its way to the bay area tomorrow, we're going to get some light showers, but more importantly we need that snow pack to dig out of the drought. we could see 2 to 6 inches of snow above 7,000 feet in tahoe. it's a warm system. so what i can tell you is we're not expecting much but we could
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see those isolated showers as of tonight in parts of the bay area. then tomorrow, a better chance for that. then the warming that scott loves returns as we get into the end of the week. so lots to go over as we get into your full microclimate weather forecast. right now, back to you, kris and scott. >> thank you very much christina. the man who is charged with brutally killing two bay area women nearly 40 years ago is expected in a peninsula courtroom today. police say dna connects rodney howbauer to those murders. the decades old crimes became known as the gypsy hill murders. he was dna tested in an oregon prison where he was already serving time for an attempted murder. those tests linked him to the stabbing deaths of these two teenage girls in 1976. he's also suspected of killing three other young women that same year. former oakland athletic ted lily is now faceing felony charges. lily allegedly filed false insurance claims last year after
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he damaged a recreational vehicle. prosecutors say lily damaged an rv on march 19th but purchased insurance for the vehicle march 24th then reportedly filed a claim march 28th. prosecutors filed three felony charges against lily. if convicted he could face five years in jail. one east bay mayor is taking matters into his own hands to make a local park safe for kids again. starting today, boyd memorial park will be closed for 30 days. the city's mayor is calling for that closure to address health and security issues at the park. this comes after an influx of e-mails from neighbors complaining about people using drugs, vandalizing and sleeping in the park. the city council will discuss plans for that park at a meeting next week. this morning it's going to cost you more to park at several b.a.r.t. stations. parking costs you 50 cents more at the following stations. ashby, castro valley colma,
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dublin, glen park macarthur north berkeley, san bruno, south san francisco, west dublin pleasanton, and oakland. fees went up at a number of stations last week as well. starting this morning, drivers in san jose will see some new traffic jams because of work on the south bay b.a.r.t. extension. that work is happening at the intersection of sierra road and lundy avenue south of san jose's most post office. that intersection will be closed for nine months. it will take all of that time for crews to dig a trench under the streets where the b.a.r.t. tracks will go. that intersection is set to reopen sometime in october. >> throughout the ten-mile extension, we either have the b.a.r.t. system running under roadways or over them. in the northern area we have more underground trenching, and then as it ends, it goes up into an aerial structure. >> and this won't just have an impact on drivers getting around
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the area. bta bus line 77 will be rerouted to flickenger avenue. in the south bay, debate heating up over a possible rail line. the phillips 66 oil company wants to transport crude oil from north dakota or canada to santa barbara county. the mile-long trains would carry nearly 3 million gallons of oil a day. a forum held yesterday at san jose city hall. the city council has already voted unanimously to oppose the plan, but people living near the proposed tracks are still worried it could go through, leading to the threat of a possible derailment. >> both of those crude oils represent a very real risk both to public health either from the chronic exposure emissions coming through, or the potential for catastrophic accidents, like the one we saws in quebec last year when 47 people were killed and an oil train explosion there. >> phillips 66 responded with a statement. in part union pacific safely
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transports a number of products, including crude oil, through san luis obispo county every day. we have confidence union pacific's capabilities and are working closely with the railroad on this project. up next at 11:00, a close call caught on camera. strong winds in southern california. those santa anas almost send a billboard toppling on to a car. amazingly, no one hurt. plus e lon musk gets the animated treatment on "the simpsons" but he had an issue with the show's science.
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what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home?
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i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit welcome back. the markets are barely moved this morning. part of that is probably this coming blizzard and people getting out of the city. that does affect the markets. the dow industrials essentially unchanged.
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let's talk about the data storage company box. it's slightly lower this morning, but only slightly. here are the folks from los los altos opening the market friday. up from an initial price on friday morning of $9.23 to $23.23. that was a huge jump for the company, which has been losing money since its inception. in fact over the years technically box has lost more money than it raised in its ipo. greece held its elections sunday and the party which has threatened in the past not to payback greece's massive debt has won. it still has to form a government, but we don't think this will end as well as the taxpayers in france and germany might hope who lent the bulk of the money to give greece that helping hand after its financial disaster. now, it's not the current party's fault, but years of mismanagement and downright lying left greece's government in staggering debt but the eu decided to let it become part of the eurozone anyway. lift drivers there hold a
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pep rally this afternoon. they'll get glowing pink mustaches for the dashboard. last week we told you how lift is going to replace the big fuzzy mustaches on the car bumpers. this is video provided to us by lift. but your lift ride will look similar, provided your friends are as attractive as those friends there. meanwhile, elon musk paid one of the highest compliments on tv last night. he was on "the simpsons." take a look. >> hello. i'm elon musk. >> die! >> dad, no! elon musk is possibly the greatest living inventor. >> you're the guy who put wheels on luggage? oh bless you, bless you! >> musk tweeted about the experience last night. not the way you might expect. he had a minor issue with the rocket science. if you saw the simpsons and wondered why space x doesn't use an electric rocket to reach orbit, it's because that's impossible. come on, elon. it's a tv show. i'm sure you enjoyed it very
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much. speaking of there's a clip on youtube of the "today" anchors. it's about the internet. if you're old enough, we all heard about the internet for the first time at some point. anyway, it's a funny clip. now it's a super bowl commercial. take a look. >> what is the internet, anyway? what, do you write to it like mail? >> allison, can you explain what internet is? >> see, that's what i said. >> what do you mean there's nothing under the hood? >> katie said she thought this was a car. >> and it's build using wind like from a windmill? >> or a fan or a turbine or a fanbine? >> i mean what is i-3 anyway? >> allison, can you explain what i-3 is? >> i wonder where allison is these days. so this is the bmw's new electric car. very good sports. i'm sure they were well paid. very good sports to make fun of themselves. >> they did have allison on the "today" show earlier this morning. allison, what do you say about the internet?
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she says i can tell you what i think about it now. it's a distraction. >> fair enough. >> i don't know that our bosses would agree. i don't know. all right. well, some sheriffs around the nation want a google-owned app to stop showing people where patrol cars are. it's a traffic software application that combined gps and social networking but it also includes a feature warning drivers when police are nearby. so now some sheriffs groups are calling on google to disable that feature. they argue that it puts law enforcement officers' lives in danger. google purchased ways for nearly $1 billion in 2013. while google declined to comment, a spokeswoman says the company thinks deeply about safety and security. well you know they say timing is everything. just ask a driver in southern california who was almost crushed by a billboard brought down by those infamous santa ana winds. a security camera caught the scene as the driver pulled away from a parking space just
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seconds before the billboard comes crashing down. two other vehicles were not so lucky. they were crushed. but lucky there was nobody inside. powerful wind gusts also uprooted an 80-foot pine tree sending it crashing through the roof of a home there. the wind is also blamed for fanning a mulch fire and tipping over a semi truck. believe it or not, the driver walked away unharmed. well meanwhile, a massive storm moving into the northeast with forecasters predicting blizzard conditions up to three days. >> you probably got a lot of phone calls from folks wanting to visit sunny california. >> they better get out fast. >> it's already forced dozens of flights to be canceled at sfo. nbc's dylan dreyer has tips to stay safe. >> reporter: when we're using words like historic and crippling and life threatening to describe this upcoming storm, you really need to take preps now to keep yourself safe. one of them is in regards to shoveling. so often we hear about the pulled backs and the pulled
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muscles, but we get so many reports of heart attacks because of shoveling. you want to stay ahead of it. take it easy throughout the course of the storm. just stay on top of the shoveling so you're not trying to do it all at once. also, stay hydrated because you don't realize how much you sweat because it is so cold outside. you can get dehydrated quickly from shoveling. also make sure you have an emergency kit at home. you need blankets in case the power goes out. make sure you have nonperishable foods and canned goods, especially the can opener that's not electric so that you can open the canned goods. make sure you have lots of water and also batteries and a flashlight. have plenty of batteries so you can keep the flashlight up and running. also, you want to make sure you keep ventilated. your heaters and your generators so that fires don't start and there's no carbon monoxide poisoning. make sure there's plenty of gas in your car right now because if you do have to travel and you get stuck in your car, you want to make sure you can keep the heat running so you stay safe. as for the pipes in your home
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if your power goes out and with temperatures as cold as they're expected, we could see those freeze up. you want to keep a little drip going to relieve some of the pressure in the pipes so they do not burst. also, if you are stuck at home for days without power and you feel unsafe text "shelter" and your zip code to 43362 to find the nearest shelter to your home. also, one other thing. because we're so reliant on cell phones, if you happen to have a landline and one of these old-fashioned phones in your home, get it out now. if the cell phone goes out, you want to make sure you can still keep in contact with people so that you stay safe throughout this storm. for nbc news, dylan dreyer just outside of pittsburgh. >> i don't think any of us are going to fall over dead from shoveling snow but those are good pieces. of advice. having the fun. i got rid of the line but not the phone. >> we kept can the landline because we have little kids. if there's ever a sitter over i want them to be able to dial 911. >> and know where they are as well. >> exactly. >> well, that's not going to
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happen to us. let's find out what is going to happen to us. >> well, we don't need safety tips like that but we do have a little bit of precipitation coming through the bay area as we head throughout the next couple days. it's just been lovely around here, though. unseasonably warm. it almost makes you feel guilty when you see stories like that coming from the northeast. and it's only going to get worse over the next couple days. we'll be talking about that storm all the way into next week, i'm sure especially when it comes to the aftermath. that thing is just getting going. for us we've got some clouds increasing temperatures are slowly climbing. this is around that time when you notice the warming trend, when you notice temperatures climbing above 56 degrees in san jose for example. between about now and 3:00, we're going to hit our high for the day. and temperatures are going to be in the 70s. so what happens is we've got high pressure firmly in control. we get those warm down-slowing winds. it negates the marine influence. as a result of that your temperatures end up way above average, especially at our local beaches, where you're going to
11:22 am
hit about 74 degrees today. nice shaping up for you in half moon bay. 69 degrees on the peninsula today. tri-valley is looking good at 66. 70s on the way to the north bay where we started out this morning in the 30s. so here's the deal. futurecast tells the story. we have some shower activity sneaking through, especially over the higher elevations. south bay mountains as we head throughout 7:00 p.m. this evening. continue that futurecast take you into tonight and tomorrow morning. it looks like some pretty robust moisture will move through. but here's the deal. the storm system is sneaking up from the south, so if you live to the south of the golden gate bridge, you stand the best chance of getting any sort of rainfall whatsoever. as we head through tomorrow i think we'll see that monsoonal moisture sneak up far enough to the north for decent down powers in the east bay hills. more of the same for the western-facing slopes of san jose. very unusual to see this pattern this time of year but it's taking shape. so all we can do it tell you
11:23 am
what to prepare for. we call it monsoonal moisture. typically it occurs in the summertime months. if this helps you plan your day for tomorrow 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., light showers with isolated thunder. spotty showers from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. not expects much to the north of marin county. you might get a little something. we are expecting some snowfall as well. maybe 2 to 6 inches in tahoe. that's what we desperately need. i know a lot of people have been wanting to get up there hit the resorts. that should make a good difference. we'll have the update for you on that tomorrow on "today in the bay." right now, a little hazy not a bad day. last day of the 70s, guys. wanted to show you this picture. a little motivation for you this afternoon. back to you, scott and kris. >> sat out in the front yard and read a book yesterday. >> that's nice. we sat in the front yard too. do those calorie menus in restaurants actually work? we'll tell you the results of the study coming up next.
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well a bold recommendation this morning from the leading group of pediatricians about medical marijuana. the american academy of pediatrics says the government should reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug so it can be further researched as a medical option for terminally ill kids. they want the government to change pot from a schedule i illegal drug where it's listed
11:27 am
along drugs like heroin, to a schedule ii controlled substance, like ritalin. they emphasize they're still against the recreational use of marijuana by children. calories and the amounts of exercise needed to burn those calories affects what parents order for their children. researchers divided them into three groups had them order a meal for their child. while any labels showing calories prompted parents to make healthier choices, the calorie-plus exercise label group was much more likely to encourage their children to also be active. >> it's like figuring out how much to spend. how long do i have to work to make that to afford that? >> that's a good way to put it. still to come the race for the white house starting to get crowded. the new front runners in the republican field.
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an investigation is under way after security scares over the weekend caused several planes to make emergency landings including three just yesterday afternoon. >> the alarm was raised after bomb threats, some posed on twitter. the fbi still trying to determine whether those threats are related. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: two flights were immediately evacuated after landing in seattle sunday afternoon when officials received reports of possible bomb threats. >> when i was getting off the plane, i asked the pilot what happened? and that's when he said there were -- he was informed there were two planes that got bomb threats. and ours is one of them. >> reporter: a jetblue plane flying from long beach, california, and a regional skywest jet from phoenix were midair when they received the threats. both flights landed safely in seattle, where officials later cleared the planes and all passengers and crew of security concerns. >> this is the first time i've been in a situation where you've had two aircraft that are fairly close in arrival time for them
11:31 am
to be considered in a security situation. >> reporter: at the same time, more than 2,000 miles away another reported bomb threat diverted a delta flight from los angeles to orlando, forcing passengers to land in dallas texas. one passenger says the pilot made the announcement during the flight. >> he kind of had a little panic in his voice. he said, we need to land the plane immediately. we believe there's a security threat with the plane. somebody tweeted in a bomb threat. >> reporter: officials are investigating several twitter posts related to the threat including one that says we planted explosives on board, our soldier waiting for signal. the threats come one day after similar posts targeted two jets flying to atlanta, prompting f-16 fighter jets to escort those planes to safety. >> wow. so it's a frightening thing. the field for the next presidential race is slowly taking shape. >> a number of gop hopefuls and potential candidates spent the week at key gatherings in iowa and california including new
11:32 am
jersey governor chris christie. here's nbc's kelly o'donnell. >> reporter: aides tell nbc news governor christie is taking a formal first step toward a white house run. >> god bless this country, and god bless all of you. >> reporter: launching overnight his leadership matters for america pac. its website is now live. and that new entity created friday paid his way to iowa this weekend, where he tested his message, part of a multistate speech making and fundraising drive in key early states. >> if i was too blunt, too direct too loud and too new jersey for iowa then why do you people keep inviting me back? >> reporter: another feisty campaign development overnight. three 2016 contenders on one stage in palm springs, where rand paul flatly dismissed another mitt romney run. >> no no no no never.
11:33 am
>> reporter: this video release is a look inside the private world of conservative influence. at the freedom partners winter retreat, a group related to the billionaire koch brothers, ted cruz defended his gop donor hosts against liberal attacks. >> they want to scare people by painting a picture of nefarious billionaires. >> reporter: and marco rubio, who aides say has instructed them to prepare a presidential campaign took a veiled swipe at hillary clinton's electability. >> i think it would be a mistake to elect this president, the architect of the obama foreign policy. that would be a terrible mistake. >> that was nbc's kelly o'donnell reporting. about a dozen republicans have used the catch phrase "seriously thinking about running." the secret service removed a suspicious device on the lawn of the white house. the device kis covered early this morning. a federal law enforcement official says a drone landed in a tree in the white house grounds grounds.
11:34 am
a perimeter was set up to restrict access. the secret service says the drone does not pose a threat to anyone in the building. the president and first lady are in india, but we're told president obama has been briefed on that situation. the president and the first lady took honored places to watch india celebrate its republic day. later, the president got down to business talking to u.s. and india business leaders and announcing $4 billion in investments to increase trade between the two countries. >> nbc's chris jansing filed this report from new delhi. >> reporter: it was a very colorful start to the day here in delhi, in spite of the fact it was raining pretty hard. this is the biggest holiday of the year and this parade getting a lot of attention because president obama is the first sitting president ever to be invited here as chief guest. we saw a lot of floats. we saw a lot of the military marching camels. there were flyovers with jets and helicopters. much of the military equipment, russian, although there's been a big shift in recent years. more and more coming from the united states. it also focuses on what has been
11:35 am
this pivot to asia in attention by this administration. >> india and the united states as true global partners. >> reporter: it is where the biggest economies are growing, where the largest populations are, and soon india will overtake china in both of those areas. of course, along with the united states, the biggest democracies in the world. >> we've increased trade between our countries by some 60%. it's a win for america and our workers because u.s. exports to india are up nearly 35%, and those exports support about 170,000 well-paying american jobs. >> reporter: in addition to that big meeting with a lot of american ceos from companies like honeywell, walt disney talking about ways to create more jobs back home. tomorrow is the day the president was supposed to go to the taj mahall with the first lady but the death of king abdullah in saudi arabia has meant he'll go there instead to meet the new king where they'll be paying their respects but also talking business including
11:36 am
their shared goal in the fight against isis. i'm chris jansing traveling with the president in india. now back to you. a popular san francisco church is the center of controversy this morning. girls are no longer being trained as altar servers. now the church's priest is defending that decision. christie smith has more on the church. this is in the richmond district. >> reporter: inside the star of the sea church in san francisco, a shift is under way. >> we'd like to get back to an altar boy program, which is very -- it's a proven effective way of promoting vocation to the priesthood so boys get closer to the altar. as you know, the catholic church does not ordain women. >> reporter: at this church they've had altar girls for years. danielle doesn't normally attend here but says at her own church she enjoyed the experience. >> it was seventh grade when i got to be an altar girl. it was only the boys who were allowed to at first. >> this was a shock.
11:37 am
any change is hard for people. >> reporter: father joseph arrived six months ago. he says there are options for girls like reading at mass and preparing the altar. >> we also have social groups for the girls. we feel it's important to have boys programs and girls programs. >> reporter: but the church is also tied to a school. some parents who stay in the area disagree. >> if i were a mother sending her children, her daughters, to school here i would be extreme extremely annoyed and feel very -- like we're going back in time. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think nowadays that's really not the way we're going. it's not pc. >> i had a parish for 12 years. we moved in this direction. at first it was a little difficult, but over the long run, it really made a difference in the parish. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. up next at 11:00, could it be a preview of the oscars? big surprise at this year's
11:38 am
s.a.g. awards. >> plus millions spent on commercials during the super bowl. a look at the ads that everybody is going to be talking about. >> i love knowing that the super bowl is right here on nbc bay area this year. you know what? it's one of those days you might want to get outdoors. at this time tomorrow tracking showers. we'll talk about that and when the warm weather will return. your full forecast is up next.
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another red carpet event in hollywood over the weekend, and a few surprises as the screen actors guild honored the year's best performances. >> the cast of "birdman" led by michael keaton won best ensemble. just as he did at the golden globe, eddie redmayne for his portrayal of stephen hawking in "the theory of everything." julianne moore was also a repeat for "still alice." and debbie reynolds honored with a s.a.g. lifetime achievement award. >> she looks great, right? >> absolutely. less than one week, the seattle seahawks and new england patriots will face off in super bowl xlix. >> already fans are arriving in phoenix to get that party started. >> reporter: with less than a
11:42 am
week before kickoff, the lead up to the super bowl is in an all-out blitz. fans welcomed the seattle seahawks as they arrived in arizona, and they cheered on the nfl's best in the pro bowl game sunday night. there's excitement off the gridiron as well. in downtown phoenix, crews are putting the finishing touches on fan entertainment like the nfl experience and super bowl central. designed to draw huge crowds that show off the city to a worldwide audience. >> phoenix arizona, is going to be one of the leading cities in this country moving forward in the future in the next few years. people are going to see that and feel that when they are here. >> phoenix is working hand in hand with neighboring glendale where the game stadium is located, sharing security personnel to ensure a safe experience for fans. >> we have to provide, and we will provide without a doubt, we're not skimping public safety. >> reporter: as for the new england patriots, they're scheduled to fly in on monday. but talk of deflategate arrived ahead of them. >> i know it's a big distraction
11:43 am
i'm sure for the patriots. >> reporter: head coach bill belichick defended his team in his most recent news conference. >> we did everything as right as we could do it. and we welcome the league's investigation into this matter. >> reporter: an investigation that guarantees it all eyes will be not only on the game come sunday but on the game balls themselves. game day weather is looking pretty much perfect. it's forecasted to be sunny and in the 70s. the plan for now is to play with that stadium roof open. in glendale arizona, sarah daloff nbc news. >> and the patriots have left boston before the storm. well some of the most-talked about moments during the super bowl are the commercials. >> at least one of the ads will be remarkable because of who made it. >> reporter: bet you can't remember who won game the past few years.
11:44 am
>> want to try out my time machine? >> reporter: but who could forget the commercials? for eight years, doritos has had some of the top-rated ads. all created by amateurs. this year the contest has exploded. 4900 entries from 29 countries now down to ten finalists. online voters deciding who gets a million bucks and a year-long job at yununiversal studios, part of nbc universal. >> when that phone rang from doritos letting me know i was a top-ten finalist, i almost lost it. >> reporter: ryan owns a gym in tampa. his commercial is about a spelling bee the finalists are trying to lose to get the second-place prize a lifetime supply of doritos. >> q-u-i --
11:45 am
>> reporter: he says he entered on a lark and shot it in eight hours for $500. >> as soon as i saw it i knew i had something. >> reporter: whomever wins the catch, the big winner is the brand. why is it these commercials that involve the public have become the commercials? >> it's about authenticity. it's also about talent. you have some very talented people out there with a lot of young people knowing how to put together video and audio. >> reporter: a high-stakes game far from the field. advertisers once again hoping to score with viewers. nbc news houston. >> they're always very cute. well, one of the big stories of the super bowl deflategate. as expected "saturday night live" took that issue on. >> while the show spoofed belichick and brady's conferences, it left the hard questions to the team's assistant equipment co-manager.
11:46 am
>> we just want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth! son, we live in a world that has balls. and those balls have to be inflated by men with pumps. who's going to do it? you? you, reporter? you don't want the truth, because deep down in places you don't talk about at super bowl party, you want me on that ball. you need me on that ball. >> did you deflate the ball? >> i did the job i was told to do! >> did you deflate the ball? >> you're damn right i did! >> "snl" obviously taking a page out of the movie "a few good men." you can see the entire clip on our website. just search deflategate. >> i'm assuming that's bryant gumball. you can watch the super bowl next sunday here on nbc bay area. the fun begins at 10:00 in the morning with a super sized pregame show. kickoff is at 3:30.
11:47 am
>> that looks like fun. by way, electronic arts does their simulation every year. saying the patriots are going to win. we'll see. let's check in with a video gamer. that's christina loren. good morning. >> good morning. yeah, you know it's tough being a patriots fan right now. they got booed in church on sunday. they got booed, i know. that's saying a lot. that's a great "saturday night live." if you missed it make sure you catch it on demand. another great character on that show was named riblet. definitely worth checking out. we have some clouds moving through. temperatures are nice and mild out there. still kind of chilly especially in the tri-valley where we had that thick fog earlier. now you're at 51 degrees. warm air is mixing in. as we get into this afternoon, your temperatures are going to climb nicely. take a look at this. between now and about 3:00 we'll hit 71 degrees in the south bay. 69 on the peninsula. 66 degrees out there in the tri-valley. and 70 degrees in the north bay. what a rebound from earlier this
11:48 am
morning where we had the 30s to start. so here are your weather headlines. isolated showers as of tonight. it's not going to be very long. very short-lived event. light showers develop on tuesday. i don't think you need to carry your umbrella. not expecting anything heavy. warming returns late week into the weekend. if you do enjoy that offshore flow beautiful beach days we're going to get a couple more throughout the upcoming weekend. then that pattern changes again. it looks like rain will return for the first week of february. so we'll have more on that as we head throughout the week. i'm not completely confident in that changing pattern just yet, just because i've seen this happen so many times so far this season. nonetheless, we like to let you foe what's going on. warm, down-sloping wind. that wind moves from land to sea, warms up along the way, pushes the marine layer way out. that's why it's been so dry out there. very, very dry yet again today. as of tomorrow things are going to change. you can already see your wind
11:49 am
arrow starting to shift a little bit. more of an onshore flow for tomorrow. even some showers coming your way as we head throughout this evening. about 1:00 a.m. as we head through tuesday, better shower chance, especially over the higher elevations. and yeah maybe some good-looking showers through the east bay hills tomorrow. southern california is going to get quite a bit of rainfall. some heavy rain moving through l.a. yeah, we're expecting 2 to 6 inches of snow above 7,000 feet along the sierra nevada range. you get that enhancement. yeah it's the warm system, so only above 7,000 feet. but our resorts have been suffering so much we'll take every single drop we can get. spotty showers between about 5:00 and 10:00. i think most of that activity is going to stay to the south of the golden gate bridge. as we head into wednesday, some of that cool air sticks with us. we'll be at 65 degrees in the south bay on thursday. then i can see scott already making those plans.
11:50 am
you, too, kris. 70 degrees by friday into this upcoming weekend. so we are going to get a return of the warm weather. like i said tomorrow i'll have a good update. i'll take you 15 days out, whether i like it or not. got to show you what's going on. back to you guys. >> fast forward. he's got stars in his eyes. he saw the end of the forecast. . >> i do love winter in california. well, still to come, looking to protect your home without breaking bank? we'll show you the cameras that will make it possible.
11:51 am
11:52 am
installation of home security systems can be pricey. >> but with technology, those prices are coming down. we're going to show you some technology that'll keep an eye on your home when you're not there. mark barger has more. >> reporter: traditional security systems can give homeowners peace of mind.
11:53 am
>> system is disarmed. >> reporter: so can an intimidating pet. maybe even a dummy decoy. but you can set up more robust do-it-yourself security systems for a fraction of the cost of traditional monitoring. >> $200 a little more a little less. there are even a bunch of alternatives. >> reporter: whether you want to keep burglars at bay or keep an eye on a pet, wi-fi cameras can help. >> all these can beam a signal to your phone or a web browser. >> reporter: the drop cam is a popular model that features easy setup and a free remote video feed. >> there's a start-up company called canary that has a camera. >> reporter: it features a wide-angle lens, night vision, and sensors for motion temperature, and even humidity. the average wi-fi camera doesn't take up much space or require complicated installation. some free apps can utilize devices you already have at home, such as an old phone or
11:54 am
ipad. >> while you're out of the house, you can watch what's going on through the camera in your old device that was just sitting in your drawer otherwise. >> reporter: but going that route means no automated calls to fire or police. it's still up to you to do that. then again, some intruders you may be able to handle yourself. mark barger nbc news. >> i'm calling the police for that too. i put up security cameras just because we have all those package thieves. it was not terribly expensive. >> were they raccoons? >> no, no. >> we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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to the ice this morning, where two young bay area women are making us proud. >> paulina edmonds will be returning to the skating championships. she was named to the team after she finished fourth in the nationals. edmonds finished eighth in last year's world championships and ninth at the sochi games. now finishing just ahead of edmonds was fremont's own karen chan. sooel she'll not go to the world championships. she's 15 and too young to compete in the world championships. >> she was super composed all business. then broke out in a smile. she did great. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> of course latest information all day at
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♪ stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five, four three, two, one. >> okay. take a look. it's the calm before the storm. that's a live shot at times square. you've heard about it. they're about to get dumped on. 30 inches. >> 30 inches? >> billy bush is off today. holly robinson peete, my friend filling in on this monday. >> 30 inches? that's a lot of snow. >> can you believe this? >> they say it's the biggest storm. i used to live there. school closings snow. not anymore. >> i have done some meteorology research, and here is why the storm is going to be so


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